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Deathwish Deck Jim Greco Shank 2010

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Deathwish Jim Greco Shank Deck

Re-issue No
Series Jim Greco Pro Model
Series Release Year 2010
Serial Number N/A
Has Been Assembled No
Has Been Drilled
Width 7.12" (7.62" at the bumps)
Wheelbase 15.25"
Length 33.25"
Nose 6.75"
Tail 7.25"
Trucks Holes
Modern Pattern
Damage Shrink wrap is ripped in multiple locations
Warp 0 mm
Condition Based On 10 9.8

This is the Jim Greco Pro Model cruiser deck that was inspired by a prison shank. Protection and speed all in one. Graphics on both sides of the deck.

Condition Description

The deck has never been assembled and it is still in its plastic bag. The plastic bag is ripped in a couple of different places. The deck is not warped at all. Evidence tag is still attached to the deck.