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Dogtown Deck Spray Cross Loose Trucks 8.5

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Dogtown Spray Cross Loose Trucks Deck - griptape from a roll included in the price

Width 8.5"
Wheelbase 14.5"
Length 32.12"
Nose 7"
Tail 6.75"

Dogtown Spray Cross Loose Trucks Skateboard Deck features a modern Street shape, with wheel wells to help eliminate wheel bite. Designed in Dogtown, hand crafted in North America.

Beginning in the 1976s, Dogtown has become the brand that awakened the skateboarding industry in Santa Monica and Venice, California. As an area infested with surfers, including future Dogtown owner Jim Muir, surfers craved something new on those dark days when waves were nonexistent. Jim "Red Dog" Muir & Mike Muir have kept is rolling ever since.