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H-Street Deck Tony Magnusson 2017 (Re-issue)

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H-Street Tony Magnusson Alien Deck (Re-issue)

Re-issue Yes
Series A
Series Release Year 2017
Serial Number 129 of 169
Has Been Assembled No
Has Been Drilled
Width 8.62"
Wheelbase 14.62"
Length 32.62"
Nose 7"
Tail 6.75"
Trucks Holes
Old Pattern
Damage Shrink wrap is ripped in multiple locations
Warp 0 mm
Condition Based On 10 9.8


This collection is the ultimate tribute to the 80's design and skating that H-Street is so known for. The decks are mostly made on the original Hell Concave and feature old school hole patterns, along with the most original re-created graphics that are all hand silk screened and handmade in San Diego California at Watson Lam.

The decks are all laser marked with a Series Letter and numbered to indicate how many were made in each run.

The Magnificent Seven Series are made with original specs; old school hole patterns, shapes and the original Hell Concave. They are hand silk-screened and made in San Diego California at Watson Lam.

Condition Description

The deck has never been assembled, it is still the shrink-wrap. The shrink-wrap is ripped in a couple of different places. The deck is not warped at all.