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Madness Deck Engraved R7 9"

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Madness Manipulate R7 Deck - griptape from a roll is included in the price

Width 9"
Wheelbase 15"
Length 33.12"
Nose 7.75"
Tail 6.88"

Madness Skateboards is a transitional based skate company with a team that represents skating a la concrete skatepark. Represented by Clay Kreiner, Sam Becket, Jack Fardell and Alex Perelson accentuates the types of skaters who rock the bigger transitions. Madness Skateboard decks come in an array of unique shapes, from modern pop-sticks to the 80's throwback shapes (Great for cruiser set-ups.). Features such as embossed graphics and wheel wells are matched by various depths of concave and deck sizes, all coming with Dwindle's Single Deck Press manufacturing process.