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Mark Gonzales Book

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Named the "Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time" by Transworld Skateboarding, Mark Gonzales aka The Gonz is one of the most recognizable names in skateboarding, art, and street style. Born in California in 1968, Gonzales entered the skateboarding world at age 13, and by 16, was featured on the cover of Thrasher magazine. Widely revered since then as the inventor of street skating, Gonzales has remained one of the most prolific innovators in both skateboarding and contemporary art.

Part skate photography, part intimate portrait, this is a bold collection of work straight from the mind of the artist, as seen through Sem Rubio's iconic photography. After working together for over a decade, Rubio and Gonzales have created an impressive archive that became the seed for this stunning monograph.

With contributions by Spike Jonze, Neil Blender, Benjamin Deberdt, Ed Templeton, Nora Vasconcellos, Bill Strobeck, Jason Dill, Jason Lee, Jim Thiebaud, Tommy Guerro, Gus Van Sant and many more talking about their experiences with Mark, the influence he's had on their skating, their artwork, their life and the world as a whole.

Hardcover, cloth bound with tip in and embossed cover, 9.5" x 11.5", 208 pages