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Meow Deck Logo 7.75"

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Meow Logo Deck - griptape from a roll is included in the price

Width 7.75"
Wheelbase 13.88"
Length 31.12"
Nose 6.88"
Tail 6.5"

Meow Skateboards is an independent all women skateboard company which was formed in 2012. Meow formed as a reaction to underrepresentation of women in skateboarding, and particularly on major skateboard companies. Meow is a brand that can celebrate and promote women's skateboarding in its own right, nurturing the exploding women skateboarding scene and providing inspiration to young girls the world over. The company features talents such as Mariah Duran and Vanessa Torres as its professional riders, and also sponsors far more women across the world like Annie Guglia.