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Pennywise Deck From The Ashes Album Model

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Pennywise From The Ashes Album Deck

Re-issue No
Series N/A
Series Release Year 2003
Serial Number N/A
Signed No
Has Been Assembled No
Has Been Drilled No
Width 7.88"
Wheelbase 14"
Length 31.12"
Nose 6.88"
Tail 6.38"
Trucks Holes
Modern Pattern
Damage Shrink-wrap has been damaged from being stored next to a deck with griptape. Light storage wear.
Warp 1 mm
Condition Based On 10 8

Sold during the 2003 Warp Tour in North America.

Condition Description
The board has never been assembled, it is still the plastic wrap but it is damaged. Slight storage damage. Storage damage is visible in the photos. The board is not distorted at all.