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Powell & Peralta Deck Claus Grabke Flame Face (Reissue) 10 - Aqua

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Powell & Peralta Claus Grabke Flame Face Reissue Deck

Width 10.25"
Wheelbase 16.25"
Length 30.5"
Nose 3.38"
Tail 6"

This Powell & Peralta Claus Grabke reissue deck is designed for functionality and is a strict single kick and is also made of higher quality materials which do not fluctuate over time, giving skaters a more consistent deck to its true form!

Ride it, hang it, it will look good no matter what you do with it. Don’t forget Rib Bones. Powell & Peralta decks are made in the United States under the original operator George Powell’s control. George has been advancing his products to be better daily for over 40 years.