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Santa Cruz Deck Rob Roskopp Face Purple (Re-issue) 9.5

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Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Face Deck - griptape from a roll is included in the price

Width 9.5"
Wheelbase 15.25"
Length 31"
Nose 4.5"
Tail 7.12"

Featuring a classic shape that is well known and loved worldwide. This deck is designed for ultimate skate park and transition destruction. Made with 100% North American Maple. In addition, with a reissue concave makes this board great for park shredding, street skating, cruising or just hanging on the wall!
These reissues are built for riding until the end of time. Tough sturdy construction with shapes that are both user friendly and capture the old school feeling of riding when all that mattered was your buddies and a bowl. All the decks are drilled with the new school pattern so you can also use your favorite trucks on them!