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Revolution 514 is

Bring back the old school skateshop

The Revolution 514's ownership for the most part grew up in an 80's skateshop. Once we woke-up and snacked, we would head to the skateshop to meet up with our skate homies. After some skateboard group talk and skate video watching, it was time to hit the streets and skate downtown usually. Time to try out the tricks we just watched in the video or saw in the latest skateboard magazine. After multiple hours of skating and maybe making a little money at the Jazz Festival, it was time to hit the local watering hole. Finally, we would crawl into bed and repeat the next day. Ah, a time before work.

The modern skateshop is just a store; buy your item and leave. It is no longer a place to hang out, learn about skateboarding and a million other things. Revolution 514 is located just down the street from Van Horne skatepark and just up the street from downtown Montreal. It's a great place to meet up before the skate session.

Covid 19 has changed everything Montrealers are used to. We are still here for Montrealer's skateboarders and also for all Quebec skaters. As you can see, we have an eCommerce store up and running. Allowing our customers to purchase items online and have them shipped to their house or they can come down to the real store and pick the items up themselves. Of course, you don't need to use our eCommerce at all and just come by the store to purchase something and just to chat. If you have any questions we will be happy to help anyone with any skateboard related questions you might have. We have been skaters for decades, we have learnt a lot in that time.