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54mm 101a Acid Wheels Sugar Cubes Side Cuts

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Acid Cruiser Sugar Cubes Side Cuts Wheels

NOTE: Sold only as a set of four (4) wheels.

Diameter 54mm
Hardness 101a
Width 33mm
Riding Surface 20mm
Core No
Formula ASF Type A

Made from their Acid Street Formula Type A, Acid skateboard wheels are great for riders that just want to have fun. From laid back riding through neighborhoods to experimenting with challenging tricks, this is an extremely versatile wheel model. Acid wheels are made from their Acid Funner urethane formula. These cruiser wheels are larger in size with a wider contact patch for balanced weight distribution. It’s all about speed and smooth turning when it comes to these wheels! If your passion is zipping down hills at high speeds or just drifting leisurely through town, Acid has the wheels to make your ride powerful.