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54mm 86a Ricta Wheels Chrome Clouds Red

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Ricta Chrome Clouds Red Wheels

NOTE: Sold only as a set of four (4) wheels.

Diameter 54mm
Hardness 86a
Width 33.5mm
Riding Surface 22.5mm
Core Yes
Formula Clouds

The 4-pack Ricta Chrome Clouds wheels are suitable for skateboards. Built from high rebound urethane, these wheels will give you a great feel under your feet. The wheels are cast with Super High Rebound (SHR) PU-rubber and are therefore particularly suitable for skateboarding. With these medium-sized wheels, you will be all set no matter if you want to go for the streets or the skate park. With the soft durometer of 86a, these Ricta wheels will make any cruise super smooth while providing you with massive grip.