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56mm 99a Spitfire Wheels Gonz Shmoos Formula Four Classics

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Spitfire Gonz Shmoos Formula Four Classic Wheels

NOTE: Sold only as a set of four (4) wheels.

Riding Surface
FormulaFormula Four


Art by Mark Gonzales.

The Spitfire Formula Four Classics 99a skateboard wheels have a narrower contact patch, which has become the standard shape for street skating. Spitfire released their new Formula Four wheels a few years ago now. The latest formula was designed for higher abrasion resistance. This means it is a little harder to flat spot. Formula Four 99a wheels are generally decorated with a blue themed graphic. Unless of course it is one of the signature wheels. The signature wheels feature artwork custom designed for each rider. 99a is considered a softer wheel in the modern skateboarding scene. They are still very hard. The 99a formula will provide a little more grip on super smooth surfaces and is a little more forgiving to ride on rougher surfaces. There are no hard and fast rules, best to try out different wheels and select what works best for you.