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58mm 99a Spitfire Wheels Formula Four OG Classics

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Spitfire Formula Four OG Classics Wheels

NOTE: Sold only as a set of four (4) wheels.

Diameter 58mm
Hardness 99a
Width 35mm
Riding Surface 24mm
Core No
Formula Formula Four

Spitfire released their new Formula Four wheels a few years ago now. The latest formula was designed for higher abrasion resistance. This means it is a little harder to flat spot. 99a is considered a softer wheel in the modern skateboarding scene. They are still very hard. The 99a formula will provide a little more grip on super smooth surfaces and is a little more forgiving to ride on rougher surfaces.

Start burning spots the original way with Spitfire OG Classics wheels. The Spitfire OG Classics skateboard wheels are rocking classic 99a duro and a retro inspired shape with cutaway design that rips, looks cool, and protects the graphic! The OG Classics are a great throwback to a few decades back so they would look dope on a popsicle or a shaped board. These bad boys have a faster acceleration which will get you pumping the track endlessly.

OG Classics feature clever cutaway design that reduces friction when doing grinds, so you can stay on a ledge or a rail longer. To top it off, no need to worry about scratching the graphic, it is nicely protected!