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Jessup Griptape Sheet White 9"

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Jessup Griptape Sheet - 9 "X 33"

Jessup Pimp grip tape is the original 60 grit, which is similiar to traditional skateboard griptape and it is great for all purposes and styles of skateboarding. Pliable backing makes this grip easily conform to complex concaves, perforations allow air to escape preventing bubbles and poor adhesion. Jessup grip also features a super sticky adhesive backing to withstand the highest tempatures epoxy overcoating that makes this grip last skate session after skate session.

  • Made of aluminum oxide grit with an aggressive adhesive designed specifically for the demands of skateboarding.
  • Jessup The original skateboard grip tape
  • Super tough silicon carbide grit
  • Solvent based adhesive sticks to any board
  • Grip never wears out
  • Designed for skateboarders by skateboarders