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Revolution 514 Deck Shop Deck Akira Red 7.75"

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Revolution 514 Shop Deck - griptape from a roll included in the price

Width 7.75"
Wheelbase 14"
Length 31.25"
Nose 7"
Tail 6.5"

Revolution514's version 1 shop deck. A quality skateboard deck at a very reasonable price.

The art was created by our friend Raymond Akira Betts (R.I.P.) and made into a graphic by another friend Hendo. Akira was well known in the Montreal skateboard community. From our High School days of hill sliding, sessioning the Pipe and Bricks until his fame as an artist, he continued to skateboard. This is not his first skateboard deck graphic; having create many of Barry Walsh's Cherry Bomb graphics of the 90's.