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Vision Deck Joe Johnson Star Eye Reissue - 10"

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Vision Joe Johnson Star Eye Deck - griptape from a roll included in the price

Re-issue Yes
Series N/A
Series Release Year Modern
Serial Number N/A
Signed No
Has Been Assembled No
Has Been Drilled No
Width 10"
Wheelbase 15"
Length 30"
Nose 3.75"
Tail 7"
Trucks Holes
Modern Pattern
Damage Shrink-wrap has been damaged but deck is pristine 
Warp No
Condition Based On 10 New

The one and only iconic Vision Joe Johnson Star Eye Reissue Deck has made its way back from the ’80s. A classic Vision Reissue with the same shape and concave as back in the day. With a sleek shape, and standout graphic it’s hard to resist! The long wheelbase means it will be great for skating pools, large ramps, and hills due to its additional stability.