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Vision Deck Ken Park III Reissue - 10.12"

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Vision Ken Park Reissue  - griptape from a roll included in the price

Re-issue Yes
Series N/A
Series Release Year Modern
Serial Number N/A
Signed No
Has Been Assembled No
Has Been Drilled No
Width 10.12"
Wheelbase 15.25"
Length 30.75"
Nose 4.25"
Tail 7"
Trucks Holes
Modern Pattern
Damage New in Shrink-wrap
Warp No
Condition Based On 10 New

Hot off the press is the classic Vision Ken Park III Reissue deck in a red stain design!

This board came out in the late ’80s at the time when boards started adopting more aggressive concaves and noses with a kick. Despite the Ken Park III having the same concave as back in the day, it feels quite modern and locks your feet in well, inspiring confidence.